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If I were…? Chinese Portrait

On 23, Jun 2013 | 2 Comments | In | By Carole-Eve

If I were…? Chinese Portrait

… A colour?

Pink, colour of the Heart Chakra or a leopard pattern. Yin & Yang. Zen attitude and Italian passion. Both together.


… A precious stone?

A pearl found in a seashell from the Red Sea. Invitation to a journey… Mysterious Tales of the Arabian Nights. I am Scheherazade.


… A delightful fragrance?

The addictive sent of Shalimar by Guerlain. The love potion with sweet notes of vanilla and Tonka bean. It is my perfume since I am 17 years old. My little Proust’s madeleine. It is my signature fragrance. Divine!


… A refined dessert?

A violet Religieuse or a soft golden brioche, like the ones baked by my lovely grandmother Hélène.


… A card game?

A divinatory card game like the Marseilles Tarot. I like particularly the blade XXI, the World.


… A piece of music?

Mozart’s Requiem, “Marylin Monroe” by Pharrell Williams or the disco hit song “Magnolia Forever” by Claude François. “Your girl is crying in the night / Is she wrong or is she right / Je ne peux plus rien y faire / Your girl is shining in the night / Burning burning burning bright…”


… A mascot garment?

A nude blouse by Chloé made in silk crape or a beige vintage tailored pencil skirt by Thierry Mugler.


… An accessory?

A large powder puff squeezed in a lightweight rice powder. Millions of little stars floating around me. I love it!


And you, what would be the answers to your Chinese Portrait?


  1. Your site is very welcoming. Thank you for your enthusiasm, gentle manner, fun and creativity.

    • Carole-Eve

      Thank you Bettina for your lovely message and for your support in this adventure. May this blog be faithful to my passion for French Style and wish to share it with many people all over the world! Thank you for helping me to develop and express my creativity. With love from


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