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A fairy in my family

On 23, Jun 2013 | 2 Comments | In | By Carole-Eve

A fairy in my family

Since my childhood, I have a passion for style & make-up. I remember in the 70’s, my Parisian aunt, a great fan of disco, coming to visit us at Christmas. She was clad in a black and white zebra sequin dress, her décolleté adorned with multi-coloured glitters. She was looking like a fairy to me. I was SO impressed!

As for her make-up pouch, what a delight to dip my little fingers in creamy eclectic blue or pistachio green eye shadows, and crush on my lips the most fashionable coral lipstick!

Bolts or beauty products?

As my parents were not considering my talents of make-up Artist too seriously, I decided to close my make-up palettes and started to think about a “serious” job: what about becoming a Spanish teacher?

So, I started to study Spanish language. As a student, I was missing the Spanish lessons of my fabulous high school teacher Anita, a red-haired sophisticated lady, always wrapped in a veil of Rive Gauche fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent.

Not convinced by Middle-Ages lecture style pedagogy, totally inappropriate to my energetic personality, I decided to embrace a new career. Once my diploma in my pocket, I was facing such a “promising future”: selling lawnmowers abroad or import/export bolts! SO depressing!

A glimmer of hope!

One day, my beauty therapist, Catherine shared with me that her niece was attending a great beauty school that could be perfect for me, as I was spending all my pocket money in beauty, make up products and perfumes. My inner little voice told me that it was for me!

I successfully integrated the school sponsored that year by Thierry Mugler Parfums. There, I was back to my brushes and make-up palettes, but not only! Facial muscles had no more secrets from me, quite like waxing!

But massages were not my cup of tea. I still remember the day when, my mentor, who as a guinea pig was checking my massage technique, was about to suffocate. Poor Annick! I did not realise that I had applied emollient cream in her nose. I was all alone!

Close to the angels

May 1994. The exams were coming soon: report, tests, practices, role plays simulating the sale with professionals of the Perfumery Industry. Sleepless nights to master all topics!

The D day: it was my turn to present my report in front of a jury. I had 20 minutes to convince. The ping pong game of questions and answers started to finally gave way to a more peaceful dialogue. Good sign! The jury was seduced. 40 minutes later, I was still talking on stage.

That evening, I was awarded valedictorian with cum laude. I was proud. All year long, I gave the best of myself. A few minutes later, I was in heaven when the CEO of the Thierry Mugler Parfums invited me to come to Thierry Mugler Show Room in Paris to choose a suit as a reward.

My lucky star

September 1994. 10 am. I am in the Thierry Mugler Show Room. My cousin kindly drove us to Paris, Mom, Elizabeth, my best friend, and I.

I was SO excited that I could not sleep the whole night. I flashed on a beautifully fitted beige suit. The fitting was over and we were about to leave when: “Carole-Eve, there is a call for you, please follow me…». A call for me?

The CEO of Thierry Mugler Parfums was on the phone: “Carole-Eve, you can speak several languages, you like travelling, you are passionated about perfumes… What do you think if I propose you the position of International Trainer & Promoter? I need to launch Angel overseas and I am looking for someone to spread “the good words”. Would you be interested? When are you available for the interviews?

October 1994. I joined the team in Neuilly and a few months later I was promoted International Training Director. Since then, the world has become my playground, with fantastic opportunities for great encounters.

The universe of Luxury

For more than 20 years, now, I have been creating training paths and coaching programmes for the sales teams of prestigious luxury Houses in France and abroad. What I love in my job? Develop the confidence of people around me and share my passion for French Style and “Art de Vivre à la française”.

I like to think that clients that push the doors of luxury boutiques or restaurants in Paris or in France, discover a magic universe and leave with a little piece of paradise and lights in their eyes.

I wanted to share with you how I started my career in the universe of Luxury and tell you that all these years, I have never dropped my brushes of make-up Artist and my little style note book . I always take great pleasure in advising my friends on their style, because “fashion changes, but style endures”! What a great satisfaction to help them to re-organise their dressing and accompany them in boutiques in search of the garment or the accessory of their dream that perfectly matches their wardrobe. Nothing gives me more happiness than seeing them happy and confident, with “Champagne” eyes.

I would like to thank all the “fairies” dear to my heart that encouraged me: Christiane, my Mom, Anne-Marie, Anita, Catherine, Nadine, Annick, Vera, Yvelines, Constance, Estelle, Bettina, Sonia, Diane, Marie-Laurence, Chine, Rabia … and all the ones who daily simply cross my path. From the deepest of my heart, THANK YOU!


  1. What a beautiful story Carole-Eve! Keep sparking like you do. Your blog is beautiful. With love from Marion.

    • Carole-Eve

      Thank you vey much Marion. I try with my blog to be loyal to my “inner child”. See you very soon in Paris to discover lovely tearooms. With love from


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