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Etoile carole èveBonjour and welcome to my blog. My name is Carole-Eve. I am French and I would like to share with you the secrets of French Style. Why did I decide to create this blog? This is a request from my friends who live in Shanghai, Tokyo, New-York, Sao Polo, Dubai or Sydney who ask me all the time recurrent questions when they come to France: “Carole-Eve, tell us what is French Style?" And "how can I get the French Touch?”. As it would be too simplistic to answer these questions “just like that”, I have decided through little posts and personal sketches and pictures, to share with you my vision of French Style & French Touch and invite you to a journey into the French Art de Vivre that is, according to me, deeply linked to Beauty & Harmony. So, you will discover how we mix&match our garments to go to the office or to a romantic diner and get this “je ne sais quoi”; tips and names of boutiques we like to go to decorate and personalise our home sweet home; little dishes we like to cook when we have guests to diner; addresses of elegant cafés or tearooms where we like to relax and meet friends after long hours spent at the office; confidential locations for the week-end for a well-deserved rest... & much more… Enjoy your journey!

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